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Board Of Directors


Samuel Boateng

Samuel Boateng is a technology expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has held leadership positions across government and the commercial industry and is currently the CEO of Slamm Technologies. Samuel is also a cyber-security expert and has been instrumental in developing several businesses from scratch. In addition to his professional achievements, Samuel is also an exceptional technology teacher, sharing his expertise with the next generation of leaders. Samuel Boateng is a cyber-security expert and business magnet with experience in leading teams in the government and commercial industry.

Susan A. Otchere

Mrs. Otchere currently serves as Associate Vice President, Resource Development in the International Programs Group Health Sector at World Vision USA. Ms. Otchere leads and guides strategic planning, conceptualization, and acquisition of health grants, branding, and diversification of partnerships. Through her international public health career spanning more than three decades, Ms. Otchere has worked in several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East/Eurasia and Asia regions on various health issues. She is very passionate about empowering women, children and youth.

Francisca Boateng

Francisca Boateng is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, speaker, and educator. With nearly 2 decades of experience in business operations and accounting, Francisca is a passionate leader. She and her husband started and run Slamm Technologies, an I.T company based in the US and Ghana that provides I.T training and services to organizations, governments, and individuals. 

At Slamm, she serves as the co-founder and Director of Operations. In addition to her work at Slamm, Francisca is passionate about giving back. She is the co-founder of Speakwell Foundation, an organization that teaches people how to be effective communicators and leaders. Francisca started Read 2 Lead, a literacy-focused nonprofit organization, with her daughter. Since 2016, Read 2 Lead has built 3 libraries and has served around 50,000 students and their families. 

Most recently, she founded Slamm Aid, a nonprofit organization created to provide free, technical skill-based trainings for people around the world. Slamm Aid has partnered with several churches, parliamentarians, markets and youth organizations in Ghana and provided trainings to around 32,000 people. Francisca was born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana but has lived in the USA since 1994. She is the mother of 4 kids (3 girls and 1 boy) and the grandmother to 2 beautiful children. She and her husband Samuel have been married for 23 years.

Courtney Jewell Beveridge

Courtney’s core strengths in operational processes, team building, and client relations were honed during a 20-year career in custom publishing, media relations, marketing communications and advertising, serving clients such as Adobe Federal, Kodak Government Systems, HP Public Sector, Space Systems LORAL and NEC Mitsubishi. During the early years of her career, Courtney directed operations for two emerging communications firms in the critical start-up and early growth phases, a role that provided a natural foundation for the emergence of Extension Group in 2001.

As President of Extension, Courtney has created and managed successful communications initiatives for leading technology organizations such as Cisco, Battelle, Tripwire, Phoenix Technologies, the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2, the Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems (FIXs), and many more. She has long-standing relationships with the government IT trade and national defense press and has worked closely with IT executives and industry analysts to educate and promote government cybersecurity initiatives, policy, and news. Courtney currently applies her unique experience and knowledge as a Communications consultant for select clients in the cybersecurity industry.

Dennis Quashie

Dennis is an information security professional with extensive experience in security operations, incident response, and digital forensics across various banking and technological Fortune 100 companies. Originally from an Aerospace Engineerimg background, he transitioned into the world of IT and hasn’t looked back ever since. He enjoys working on home cyber projects and also mentoring and teaching individuals seeking to break into Infosec.


Sylvia Worlali Azumah is a PhD student in information technology with a focus on cybersecurity in the university of Cincinnati. She holds a master’s in IT from the university of Cincinnati and was awarded the most outstanding student whilst attaining her masters. She was born in Ghana and moved to the United states for her studies. She’s a hardworking, ingenious and very sociable person who loves dogs and spends her leisure time playing the guitar, setting up her cyber security hime lab and watching Animations. She enjoys coding and undertaking projects for fun.

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Samuel Boateng


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Susan A. Otchere

Board Chairman

Francisca Boateng

Executive Director

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Courtney Jewell Beveridge

Board Treasure

Sylvia Worlali Azumah

Board Member

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Dennis Quashie

Board Member