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About Slamm Aid

About Us

About Slamm Aid

SlammAid (SA) is a US – Ghana based foundation. It’s a Slamm Technologies corporate social responsibility to create a more digitally literate world. The foundation was established in 2019, following a Slamm Technologies Innovators Challenge held at the Accra Digital Center. In October 2020, Slamm Foundation launched the “SLAMM 1 MILLION CAMPAIGN” with the aim of educating 1 million people with basic IT skills and knowledge throughout the nation.

Who We Are

We are an I.T Non-profit organization, with a core mission of empowering and educating the youth with basic I.T and entrepreneurial skills both locally and globally.   With a team of strategic, passionate, and dedicated coordinators and instructors who are ready to upskill, transform, and guide your path towards a career in I.T.


To improve global digital literacy, teach computer skills, provide digital tools, and invest in digital empowerment


To make digital literacy accessible, affordable, and comprehensible to all


At Slamm Foundation, we value free and fair access to the internet, digital tools and transformational experience • Trustworthy • Empowering entrepreneurial skills • Integrity • Compassionate • Accountability

Slamm Aid Trains People

Looking for a non Profitable training center, Slamm Aid is here for you.



Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more


Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

Slamm Technologies

Slamm Technologies is a trusted IT firm based in the USA and in Ghana that offers Cyber Security Support, Corporate IT Solutions and Professional IT Training courses with international certification