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Reason To Support Slamm Aid

As the world moves further and faster towards the use of technology, so has an awareness of the disparity that preceded them. More than ever before, youths in many develop and underdeveloped communities across the country have expressed their inability to take up courses in I.T due to financial problems and high costs involved in taking tech courses. In this growing age of technological advancement and easy accessibility of avenues to study any tech course, financial cost shouldn’t be a major problem or barrier for any youth. This is where Slamm Aid, comes in to help breach the gap between Finances and I.T. Here at Slamm Aid, “we transform lives through I.T.”

Here are some of the reasons to support Slamm Aid

Connecting People And I.T

There are a majority of intelligent and growing youths with amazing skills and a desire to take up courses in IT and possibly careers but lack the financial assistance to achieve these dreams. Over the years, through numerous engagements and trainings, Slamm Aid discovered that, these problem can be solved through subsidizing fees and collaborations with different companies / organizations and individuals to help educate and equip many youths with relevant I.T skills. The future can only be shaped by those who create it, and Slamm Aid, want to be an instrument of change, helping create an atmosphere for a better future in I.T

Computer Anxiety

The simple truth is that computers and technology have come to stay. And fear avails in every aspect of our lives, but our approach and mental attitude towards that fear changes the overall outcome. When people feel they lack total control over something, they turn to entertain fear, anxiety and employ excuses to avoid confronting the problem at stake. With little or no skills in I.T, people become apprehensive or reluctant to use the computer, even though they are enthusiastic about taking courses in I.T. With the right assistance and support, we can help encourage people to overcome their anxiety through basic I.T trainings.

General Lack Of Awareness And Proper Usage Of Digital Tools

Though a lot of emphasis and publicity have been made about the importance and use of I.T, there are still a majority of people who do not have access to I.T trainings and workshops for learning. Some people even complain of unavailability of computer centers as one of their reason for their improper usage of digital tools and e-learning materials.

Training Women of Color for STEM Program

As the world progresses, it is essential that women and girls have the opportunity to pursue careers in STEM fields. Despite the numerous advantages that these disciplines offer, women and girls continue to be underrepresented in these fields.

Stay Updated With The Latest Trends

To stay ahead of the curve, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends in technology. Keep up with the latest news and developments in the IT industry. This will help you make better use of technology and stay ahead of your competition.